NOT YOUR LIFE -a documentary

This is a story about life choices. It is also a story about the impact that those life choices we make have on our children.

Kaya is a 12 year old girl, half Israeli and half Nepali who was taken for a round the world trip with her family and ended up living in Goa, India for 7 years.

As Kaya was home schooled she took up boxing in a small boxing club in the Goan village of Chapora. The “Tiger” boxing club was founded and run by an Italian coach  and ex boxer name Fabrizio Petroni who’s become a mentor to the teen agers of the area, western as well as Indian

At the club kaya meets Soniya, a local girl who is 5 years her senior and a head shorter. Being the only girl boxers that practice on a daily basis, they become friends and rivals and their relationship with each other and their coach  is prominent during Kaya’s coming of age, and until they each go their separate ways.

THe film starts when Kaya and her mother (Tal Shefi) go back to Goa two years after the family had returned to live in Israel, to close down the house and visit Kaya’s father in Nepal.

The film then intertwines between the the years they lived in Goa and between the present visit to India, and these two time layers unfold their relationship, and the consequences of Tal’s life choices and their effect on Kaya’s life.

NOT YOUR LIFE will premier at the Haiffa International Film Festival  on September 24th 2013

NOT YOUR LIFE will be broadcasted in YES DOCO Channel in Israel on October 2nd 2013

NOT YOUR LIFE will be screened at the International Women Film Festival In Rehovot in Oct 2013

NOT YOUR LIFE is directed by Tal Shefi* shot by Daniel Kedem, Dima Lydkhov and Tal Shefi* Edited by Oron Adar and produced by Gidi Avivi of  “VIce Versa Prods”